Hello and Welcome to the Rooks Nest Family !

Thank you for your interest in becoming a massage participant. I look forward to working with you. I have been trained in many modalities, however my primary focus is both Neuromuscular and energetic. By this, I am describing the releasing of not only the body's tissue tension but also anything that may be stored within these tense areas. Stored toxins and emotions can show up as pain and tension in the body. The massage therapist’s responsibility is not only to work with you and help you achieve healing, but also to provide a sacred space for that healing to take place. By being a recipient of bodywork, it is an open agreement of trust between the massage therapist and you. I am trusting you to communicate your needs to me with integrity and professionalism, and you are trusting me to be professional and respectful of those needs. My goal is for your experience to be exactly what you need, and together, we can make this happen. I thank you for choosing Rooks Nest to share in your experience.

In service,

Jeen Rooks L.M.T.