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Jeen Rooks comes from Savannah, Ga soil, emulating the same deep love of home cooking, art, and history that Savannah is traditionally known for, she enjoys cooking and continues to study art and history through her love of West African drum and dance and the ancient study of Ayurvedic Medicine. She is a graduate of Auburn University where she received her bachelors degree in Kinesiology. She moved to the Atlanta area in 2009 and received her certification from the Atlanta School of Massage in 2010. She devotes her life to service from her two and half years in AmeriCorps, to her 7 year massage practice, and her recent scholastic venture into Chiropractic studies at Life University. Where she will receive her doctorate of Chiropractic in 3 months. She recently started Rooks Nest Massage and Bodywork to begin creating a community deeply rooted in love and kindness. She uses her experience to provide a sacred space that promotes education and healing for all conditions and all populations. She wants to empower her community to care for their own bodies and take time to reconnect with the mind, body, and spirit. She believes that through these connections, we help our bodies clearly communicate within so that our minds and spirits are free to clearly communicate with others. 

"I want to empower everyone to become passionate about their health. Every person contains, within their bodies, exactly what they need at the time in which they need it. That trust in ourselves is so valuable in order to understand our own pain. With this understanding, we can then harness this power and move through a new path of healing. Rooks’ Nest wants to help you find your path. Massage is used as a mode of healing. We are such complex beings and with massage we begin to unfold like flowers, finding layers of pain, tension, fear...all things we store in our bodies because we have no time to deal with them. Rooks’ Nest wants to give you that time, even if it is just an hour, to unfold, relax, and begin anew. Schedule an appointment today to begin your new path to wellness."